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After 26 years in the making, my meticulously compiled collection of some 14,411,352 chess games is now available on DVD in ChessBase (cbh) format.

Research Database 2024
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Latest Revisions

Version 2024 of my Research Database disc has been further improved with the addition of many difficult to find historical games, hundreds of thousands of recent correspondence games, and even better game headers than last year's version with the conversion of all country codes to the international ISO3Alpha standard.

Much extra effort has also gone into improving the contents of the earliest parts of the database, since it is here that most inconsistencies and errors tend to show up in large game collections. A huge contribution has been made by chess historian Paul Brown, who has done meticulous research and completely overhauled tens of thousands of historical games by correcting game headers and move scores where needed, plus added more than 10,000 pre-1970s games from rare publications that have never appeared elsewhere!

But, what really sets this DVD apart, aside from the many extra games and superior editing quality, is the fact that a new and updated DVD is printed almost weekly, which means that your new disc - no matter when you order it - always contains the very latest games and events! Often the latest games on the disc are only a few days old!

Illustrative Game

The following slugfest, played at the 2013 Schleinich Memorial in Calgary, on a very cold day in January 2013, proved entertaining enough to earn the Most Interesting Game award of the event, and thus published with analysis by up-and-coming Canadian talent GM Eric Hansen. See below for his insightful commentary...

Database Utilities

Rob Weir has graciously agreed to let me include a set of his excellent ChessBase utilities on my DVD, which make a superb addition to the toolset of anyone who regularly works with ChessBase (cbf) files.


Komputer Korner reviewed a much earlier version of my database for the Computer Chess Club Web Computer Chess Reports, and rated it the Top Mega Database In The World!

Chess Federation Of Canada Partnership

The Chess Federation Of Canada carries my Research Database in their Online Catalogue of chess products, making it possible to submit payment for my DVD by credit card to the CFC, rather than to me directly as per the instructions below! Please note that, occasionally, their office will be out of stock on this item. As always, the most recent version is readily available by ordering from me directly.

Payment & Ordering Instructions

Research Database 2024

Your payment should be by (International) Bank or Postal Money Order, in Canadian (CAD) or American (USD) currency, made out and sent to:

Knut Neven
314 - 30th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 2E1

Please be sure to include complete and accurate return address information with your order! And if you include an eMail address as well, I will confirm receipt of your payment.

Subscription Service

Also available to customers is a secure download subscription service (approximately 600-800K games/year) at the following rates and schedules. The number of games you receive in the year of your subscription is the same, but you receive batches more frequently and thus more timely depending on which option you select:

1 Update/Year
2 Updates/Year
4 Updates/Year

Customer Relations

For more information on this product, general inquiries, or clarification on ordering procedures, please contact or the postal mailing address above.